Lukullus wet dog food has a distinct combination of natural ingredients

Lukullus wet dog food, Turkey Trout is a grain-free

Lukullus wet dog food has a distinct combination of natural ingredients: Complete wet food for adult dogs. Over 65% meat or fish, which forms the foundation of a balanced diet for your dog. The meat and offal in this recipe are submitted to the strictest control standards, ensuring that your dog will appreciate it. High-quality carbs and fiber for your dog's metabolism. Fruit and vegetables give the dish an especially fresh flavor, while providing natural vitamins. Each recipe is completed with a selection of tasty oils, which are an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for fur and skin. Lukullus wet dog food does not include any chemical additives or preservatives. Made in Germany.

Lukullus Turkey Trout is a grain-free, complete wet dog food. The nutritious mix incorporates animal protein, vegetable components, and important oils to guarantee your dog receives plenty of essential nutrients. The high-quality ingredients are freshly prepared to keep nutrients and a natural, delightful flavor, and they are devoid of chemical additives.All components are fresh and cooked gently to maintain the natural taste of the meat and veggies while also protecting their nutritional content. Lukullus' high-quality, nutritious, and tasty dog food meets all of your dog's nutritional demands.

Lukullus - believe in the power of nature. Lukullus Turkey Trout with Courgettes and Walnut Oil is a fantastic blend of flavorful turkey and trout, both high in protein and easily digested. The grain-free dish also includes fresh courgettes. Walnut oil includes naturally occurring B-complex vitamins as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can aid in the promotion of a lustrous coat and soft skin. Lukullus Natural wet dog chow is available in a variety of tastes. There is also a seasonal variant for something truly exceptional. More information about the specific kinds may be found here. Lukullus' Natural Dog Food.

Lukullus Turkey & Trout, Grain-Free, Wild Rabbit

Lukullus Turkey & Trout - Grain-Free - 6 x 400g
Lukullus Beef & Guinea Fowl - Grain-Free - 6 x 400g
Lukullus Wild Rabbit & Turkey - 6 x 400g

Promotes shiny fur and healthy skin

Lukullus wet dog food has a new packaging design. It's the same high-quality cuisine with tried-and-true recipes, only in a new appearance! Please keep in mind that during the changeover time, your order may include both the old and new packaging designs. Lukullus full wet dog food is a collection of tasty natural recipes created to keep your dog happy and healthy. The mix of premium animal proteins, vegetable components, and high-quality oils guarantees that your dog gets all of the nutrients he needs, with no chemical additions.

All components are fresh and cooked gently to maintain the natural taste of the meat and veggies while also protecting their nutritional content. Lukullus' high-quality, nutritious, and tasty dog food meets all of your dog's nutritional demands. Lukullus - believe in the power of nature. Lukullus offers a distinctive combination of natural ingredients: More than 65% of the meal is meat, which serves as the foundation of your dog's nutritious diet. The meat and giblets in the recipe have been subjected to the strictest quality control requirements, ensuring that your dog will like it. High-quality carbs and fiber help your dog's metabolism. Fruit and vegetables add a refreshing flavor to the meal while also providing natural vitamins. Each formula is completed with a choice of tasty oils, which provide Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that promote your pet's shiny fur and healthy skin.

Lukullus wet dog food is prepared without any chemical additions or preservatives. Lukullus Wild Rabbit & Turkey with Pear, Oat Flakes, and Safflower Oil comprises game reared in the wild, resulting in the highest quality and most tasty meat. Wild rabbit blended with turkey is simple to digest and offers your dog with a good supply of protein. Pear adds vitamins and a fresh taste to the dish, while oat flakes give adequate nutritional fiber. Safflower oil completes this one-of-a-kind mixture, which promotes shiny fur and healthy skin.

Single Meat Cold-Pressed Tender Duck

Lukullus Dog Bone Mixed Pack - 4 flavours (48 x 5cm)
Lukullus Cold-Pressed Chicken with Trout - 1.5kg
Lukullus Mixed Trial Pack - Mix 1 (6 x 400g)

Believe in the power of nature

High-quality Lukullus wet dog food pouches are manufactured using premium ingredients. This delectable complete wet food gives your dog all the nutrition it requires. In harmony with nature: These recipes are loaded with nutritious ingredients and are great for picky dogs with refined tastes! Very nice. Cold-filling helps to preserve the exquisite flavor of the natural components. High-quality protein derived from healthy, carefully chosen flesh Fruits and vegetables have a fresh flavor and are a good source of natural vitamins. Rounded off with several oils that promote lustrous fur and healthy skin. The oils are high in omega-3,6 fatty acids. These scrumptious dishes are completely natural since they include no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Handy and functional pouches: The Lukullus pouches are simple to use and ensure that your dog always gets a fragrant, delectable supper.

They are also simple to divide and dispose of once empty.Lukullus Pouches. 6 x 300g come in the following varieties: Lukullus' Mediterranean Mixed Pack Lukullus' Classic Mixed Pack Lukullus' Natural Grain-Free Mixed Pack Lukullus Mediterranean Mixed Pack 6 x 300g includes two pouches of each of the delectable types listed below: 2 x 300g Lukullus Spain: chicken with paella rice and vegetables. This colorful Spanish dish, which includes delicate chicken and paella rice, is high in protein and fiber for your pet. Peppers and peas supply critical vitamins, and it is finished with a dash of high-quality olive oil and biotin to keep your pet's skin healthy and fur lustrous. Hello Spain! 2 x 300g Lukullus France: meat with Potatoes and Ratatouille Vegetables: This delicious French cuisine, created with tender meat, has a lot of protein.

Potatoes give fiber and carbs, while the tasty ratatouille veggies peppers, aubergines, and courgettes supply vitamins. A dash of high-quality olive oil and biotin adds a special touch while also keeping your dog's fur lustrous and its skin healthy. Vive la France! 2 x 300g Lukullus, Italy: Lamb with tortellini and tomatoes: This delectable cuisine is a true flavor of Italy. The juicy lamb gives the necessary protein, while the delicious tortellini supplies essential carbs. The sun-ripened tomatoes are loaded with vitamins. Delicious, high-quality olive oil and biotin are added to balance out the flavor and promote healthy skin and glossy fur. Bella Italia! Lukullus Classic Mixed Pack 6 x 300g includes two pouches of each of the delectable types listed below: 2 300g Poultry Lamb: A delicious meal with plenty of poultry and lamb meat, potatoes, dandelion, and grape seed oil. This dish gives your dog a lot of high-quality protein. Potatoes are a great source of carbs, and dandelion promotes a healthy digestive tract while also providing a delightful flavor to the dish. The dish concludes with a dash of linseed oil, which contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, both of which promote healthy skin and lustrous fur. 2 300g Venison Rabbit This delectable venison and rabbit supper includes rice, apples, and linseed oil. Venison is a delicious, low-fat meat.

Dog Bones Saver Pack

Lukullus Veggie Bites - Saver Pack: 3 x 100g
Lukullus Dog Bones Saver Pack 36 x 5cm - Chicken
Lukullus Spiral Chews Saver Pack 6 x 10cm - Chicken

Lily's Organic Chicken Supper

Lily's Organic Chicken Supper has freshly prepared organic chicken, pig, beef, and fish, as well as organic carrots and peas. The tasty wet dog food contains a variety of botanic herbs, as well as all of the vitamins and minerals your pet requires for a balanced diet. This healthy wet dog food is certified organic and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, making it ideal for dogs with sensitivities. The excellent wet snack contains solely genuine beef. It does not incorporate rendered animal parts, carcasses, or derivatives. This product has no genetically engineered ingredients, artificial preservatives, colors, flavor enhancers, or sweeteners, nor does it include wheat, maize, or soya.

Lily's Kitchen exclusively utilizes healthy meats, grains, herbs (roots, flowers, and leaves), fruits, and veggies to make tasty, digestible food for your dog. A quick overview of Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken Supper for Dogs: Contains 50% organic chicken (28%), organic pig (12%), and organic beef (10%). Suitable for dogs and pups. 4+ months Natural organic Organic veggies and botanical herbs. Hypoallergenic No soya, wheat, or corn. No GMOs. No fillers or jellies. There are no rendered meats or derivatives. Vet-approved and morally acceptable. No artificial colors or additives. Ingredients for Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken Supper: Fresh organic meat fish (28% organic chicken, 12% organic pig, 10% organic beef, and 5% organic fish): Excellent source of high-quality animal protein and omega-6 fatty acids.

Organic pigs and chicken provide unique sources of animal protein. Organic veggies (carrots and peas): Carrots are high in minerals and natural sugars, as well as carotene, which promotes general health. Peas are a great source of soluble protein and phytonutrients. Organic wholegrain (spelt): Spelt is an ancient grain high in soluble fiber and micronutrients. Organic alfalfa: This natural antioxidant is frequently advised for healthy joints, mental agility, and even foul breath, and it is thought to have anti-cancer effects and extend life expectancy.

Organic Cleavers: Cleavers, a traditional liver cleanser and lymphatic system detoxifier, are high in vitamin C and can help relieve dry skin and skin irritation. Organic Spirulina: Spirulina, one of the most nutritious meals known, is an algae that develops in alkaline lake waters. It contains a variety of uncommon, necessary lipids that are beneficial to the immune system. Organic Kelp: Rich in important nutrients, including iodine, which helps to maintain and balance thyroid function. The thyroid gland regulates growth, development, and metabolism, as well as maintaining a glossy, shining coat and strong teeth and nails. Vitamins and Minerals: Vital for a healthy and energetic dog. Omega 3 6: Essential fatty acids are a crucial component of your dog's diet.

Lily's Kitchen Lamb Hotpot, Organic Chicken Supper

Lily's Kitchen Lamb Hotpot - Saver Pack: 12 x 400g
Lily's Kitchen Chicken & Turkey Casserole - 6 x 400g
Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken Supper - Saver Pack: 22 x 150g
Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Naturally grain and gluten free.