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Failure of Green Revolution, Dokas Rabbit Ears Without Fur Dried

The failure of the so-called Green Revolution, which began in the 1970s with the development of patented high-yield varieties of hybrid corn and other food crops that are now planted all over the world, was highlighted in a report published in April 2000 by the UK's Global Environmental Change Programme, which is funded by the UK Economic and Research Council. Green Revolution crops, introduced in the late 1960s and early 1970s, enhanced agricultural productivity and profitability while providing much-needed and inexpensive calories to the poor. However, these crops failed to absorb elements like iron and zinc from the soil.

The study adds that high-yielding Green Revolution crops were adopted in underdeveloped nations to combat starvation. However, they are now accused for producing intellectual impairments since kids do not absorb key micronutrients. According to the author of this paper, Dr. Christopher Williams, iron deficiency disorder correlates to higher newborn mortality as well as decreased brain development and learning capacity. It affects an estimated 1.5 billion individuals, or one-quarter of the global population.

It should also be noted that micronutrient deficiencies, which are also a nutritional issue in the West due to deficient soils and crops, can impair the immune system, as can nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in various animal products, particularly in the omega-3 and -6 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratios, which can impair brain development and cognitive functions.

Dokas Rabbit Ears Without Fur Dried

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Recent studies

Recent studies in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom have found that fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than they were thirty to fifty years ago, with often marked deficiencies in iron, copper, zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin C, and riboflavin, a concerning finding that can be attributed, in part, to the fast-growing and high-yielding crop varieties grown today for human consumption.

In terms of chemical fertilizers, potassium fertilizer, for example, inhibits plant magnesium uptake and phosphate absorption. Nitrogenous fertilizers, which are widely used, can increase harmful nitrate levels in conventionally grown crops and lower the plant's vitamin C content. Although they can increase total protein content, the protein quality is inferior to that of organically grown crops, lacking essential amino acids such as lysine, resulting in lower quality food and livestock feed.

There are no severe nutritional deficiencies with organically farmed foods. Organic crops have significantly lower levels of potentially toxic aluminum, mercury, and lead, as well as fewer nitrates and higher levels of vitamin C and many essential trace minerals and other nutrients, including boron, calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, vanadium, and zinc.

Would you like to spoil your dog? Then these little treats are just the thing: Dokas Rabbit Ears Without Fur Dried are natural snacks for dogs made exclusively from dried rabbit ears. No other ingredients or additives are used. This means that the natural snack also fits perfectly into a BARF diet. The rabbit ears are well suited as a reward treat for on the go or just for snacking between meals. They are prepared in a gentle air-drying process. Dokas Rabbit Ears Without Fur Dried are grain-free and gluten-free by nature, so they are also a good choice for pets with intolerances.

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Increasing number of human doctors

Organic farming is the original medication and ultimate remedy because, unlike conventional chemical-based agriculture, it does not deplete key nutrients from soils and crops, as well as farmed animals, humans, and pets. The pharmaceutical/petrochemical/medical/university/industrial complex's alliance is breaking down as study after study demonstrates the health benefits and economic savings of humane and sustainable organic agriculture, and an increasing number of human doctors and veterinarians are advocating for the adoption of organically raised, whole foods. Scientists are learning that soils that are not organically cultivated have less vitality and less nutrients for producing healthy and nutritious crops. Conventionally produced crops have major nutritional inadequacies and imbalances due to poor soil and being raised on a synthetic chemical fertilizer diet of potash, phosphates, and ammonium nitrate junk food and plant speed.

When governments, both state and federal, as well as corporate America, adopt bioethical responsibility principles and we all begin to consume with conscience, we will likely no longer require dietary supplements or possibly dangerous medications. We will have fewer cancers, heart attacks, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, allergies, food poisonings, and newborns with birth defects, as well as youngsters with neurological, cognitive, and emotional issues. We will also see less fat cats and dogs developing cancer, arthritis, chronic skin, liver, renal, endocrine, immune system, and a variety of other disorders, many of which may be treated and avoided with better nutrition and purer meals.

We won't need to subject animals to suffering in labs to find solutions for Western civilization's maladies, or genetically altered pigs as organ donors, or flocks of human-gene-bearing sheep and cow herds to provide us with new medications. We will not need to legitimize the creation of genetically engineered animals to manifest and suffer from our genetic disorders, as well as to serve as profitable models for developing new drugs to treat the myriad diseases we have brought upon ourselves, ranging from cancer and chemo-sensitivity to immune suppression and autoimmune disease.

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Dokas Dried Meat Snacks

Dokas Dried Meat Snacks are a unique treat for both dogs and cats, providing your pet with an enjoyable taste experience. Dokas meat snacks are 93% pure premium-quality meat (duck or chicken breast) that is carefully air-dried. They are free of additives and are sure to appeal to your pet. The chews are readily split into tiny bits and serve as a convenient reward for your pet while out and about.

Rabbit and duck are particularly low in fat, making Dokas meat treats perfect for overweight dogs and cats. These nibbles are also a tasty treat for ferrets. Dokas Dried Meat Snacks at a Glance Supplementary food for cats, dogs, and ferrets Contains 93 percent pure meat Natural product free of additives Delicious variety. Air-dried, low-fat Perfect nibble or treat. SGS Institut Fresenius conducts regular quality control inspections on snacks.

Delicious apples wrapped in delicate chicken fillets make for a terrific taste chew snack. The tasty chicken fillets are soft and low in fat, making them ideal for senior dogs or those prone to obesity. The raw components of this luxury snack are delicately prepared and air dried. This delicious snack is made only with high-quality ingredients! Please keep in mind that dog bones, treats, and snacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so select the right one for your pet.

Chew Snack Chicken with Apples

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Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Naturally grain and gluten free.