Lupo Joint Oil help maintain joint metabolism in situations of osteoarthritis

Lupo Joint Oil is a nutritional supplement

Painful bones and joints can drastically limit your dog's movement and lower his quality of life. Lupo Joint Oil is a nutritional supplement designed specifically for dogs to help maintain joint metabolism in situations of osteoarthritis. Lupo Joint Oil is based on Lyprosan, a marine lipid compound derived from sea fish, green-lipped mussels, and algae. Vegetable oils like hemp oil and evening primrose oil are also included. The product has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA. In addition, the vitamin E content is acceptable.

Lupo Joint Oil at a Glance Dietary supplements for dogs to promote joint metabolism in osteoarthritis. Contains omega-3 fatty acids from animal and vegetable lipids, high EPA content, and appropriate vitamin E content. Marine lipid complex: composed of marine fish, green-lipped mussels, and algae With xanthohumol: a strong antioxidant. Easy to administer: can be given with the feed without any difficulties. Country of manufacture: Germany General information. It is suggested that you see a veterinarian before using or prolonging the feeding duration. During the feeding of diet food, you should schedule frequent check-ups with your family veterinarian. If your pet's health deteriorates, you should seek veterinarian attention immediately.

LUPO Gelenk 40 (formerly LUPOSAN Gelenk) in tablet form is a 100% pure active component complex on an extract basis for dogs, particularly designed to strengthen connective tissue structures. Mussel flesh extract (40%) from New Zealand Perna Canaliculus, together with glycosaminoglycans and omega-3 fatty acids, can improve joint cartilage function and synovial fluid generation. The convenient tablet shape allows for particularly easy dosage day after day. A quick overview of LUPO Joint 40 tablets: High amount of mussel flesh extract from Perna Canaliculus for tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, and intervertebral discs. High concentration of GAG (glycosaminoglycans) Supports proper cartilage growth and synovial fluid buildup. Grape seed extract (OPC) and vitamin C from the acerola cherry provide optimal joint and cartilage cell support. Gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from evening primrose and wild salmon can help with joint issues. In tablet form If you have trouble administering the pills, consider using LUPO Joint 30 pellets with 30% mussel meat extract or LUPO Joint 20 powder with 20% mussel meat extract. .

Lupo Sensitive, Joint Oil

Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food - 15kg
Lupo Joint Oil - 1000 ml
LUPO Herb Pellets - 675g

A healthy dog is a happy dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog. All of this boils down to proper nutrition, which is why LUPO Herb Pellets were specifically designed. This supplement contains a multivitamin complex that can assist to support your dog's physical well-being in a variety of ways. LUPO Herb Pellets are high in micronutrients and can benefit the immune system and digestive health, among other things. It also helps with metabolism, nutritional intake, and skin and coat health.

The LUPO Herb Pellets are cold-pressed in Germany and packaged in a resealable tub. LUPO Herb Pellets at a Glance Supplement for Dogs Herbal multivitamin complex. can enhance general well-being. Rich in micronutrients: may assist healthy nutrition intake and optimal metabolism. Vitamins C and E assist the immune system, while A promotes healthy skin and coat. Pellets are easy to portion and serve. Resealable tub: convenient to store. Made in Germany

LUPO Plaquex, Herbs Powder

LUPO Plaquex  - 150 g
LUPO Herbs Powder - 600 g
LUPO tick + flea - 2 x 1000 g

Handy food supplement is made of a natural combination of herbs

If you wish to provide your pet with an extra ration of critical nutrients, LUPO Herbal Powder can help. The handy food supplement is made of a natural combination of herbs and can be easily sprinkled over your dog's regular meal. LUPO Herbal Powder is a multivitamin complex that gives your dog essential vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and minerals. These include calcium, which is required for appropriate bone formation, as well as vitamins C and E, which protect cells from oxidative damage.

LUPO Herbal Powder at a Glance High-quality supplemental dog food Multivital complex: promotes an adequate supply of vital chemicals. Amino acids: contains lysine, cystine, and methionine Vitamins: A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, and Biotin. Minerals: includes phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and silicic acid, among others. Trace elements: source of copper, zinc, iron, iodine, manganese, potassium, and chromium. Normal immune system: vitamins A and E help protect cells from oxidative damage. Important calcium: is required to sustain proper bones. Biotin and zinc: may enhance the natural skin barrier and lustrous fur. Practical powder form: simply litter over the everyday food. Include a measuring spoon for correct dosing.

Malnutrition and the accompanying metabolic abnormalities are common causes of tick, flea, and other ectoparasite (external parasite) infestations. This has an especially severe impact on your pet's skin and fur. LUPO Zeck + Flea (formerly LUPO ZeckWeg) strengthens your dog's defense. The skin receives vitally required nutrients, and metabolism is accelerated. LUPO Tick + Flea contains no chemicals that might disrupt your dog's natural balance.

Dog Bones Saver Pack

LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder - 2400g
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets - 2700g
LUPO Derm Skin & Hair Treatment - 500 ml

LUPOSAN Joint Pellets

LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets is a nearly 100% pure active ingredient combination for dogs that promotes the growth and strength of connective tissues. LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets in extract form are unique in that they include a high concentration of mussel flesh extract (30%) from New Zealand Perna Canaliculus, glycosaminoglycans, and omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in the renewal, care for, and protection of joint cartilage as well as the formation of synovia. All of the components in LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets nourish and protect joints: LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets in a Glance High amount of mussel extract to preserve and strengthen tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and spinal discs (30%). High amounts of glycosaminoglycans. Increasing cartilage and synovial tissue formation Grape seed extract and vitamin C from the acerola cherry for an ideal joint and chondrocyte protection Gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from evening primrose and wild salmon can help with inflammatory joint disorders. In pellet shape.

Causes for using LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets: As people get older, their joints may experience unequal pressure, which can cause inflammation, increased one-sided tension, and cartilage wear. Following an injury: Broken bones (positioned near joints) can impose strain on joints owing to pain or mechanical limitation from bars, plates, or bands, or the cartilage may have been injured. Large breed pups can develop difficulties as a result of their quick growth, and an improper diet might cause cartilage issues.

Even as puppies, symptoms of discomfort and restricted mobility might appear. Breed-specific: Some breeds are more prone to limb difficulties caused by unequal joint strain. Targeted dietary supplements may be able to avoid such complications. LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets can also be given to pups with pricked ears to help them build healthy ear cartilage.

LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets ideally supports pregnant women in the third and final trimesters by promoting the production of connective tissue in fetuses and providing the mother with important nutrients. Sporty and working dogs also place greater strain on their joints than regular cartilage without a nutritional supplement could withstand. LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets promotes activity, vigor, and drive. Healthy joints are the result of an optimal diet and activity.

LUPO Derm Skin & Hair Treatment provides all of the required unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, and lecithine. After only 3-4 days of eating, there is an energizing impact on the skin and hair. LUPO Derm can encourage lustrous fur, healthy and elastic skin. Shortening the shedding period increased coloration and vitality. The continual feeding of LUPO Derm Skin & Hair Treatment nourishes fur and skin throughout the year.

High-quality from Germany: LUPO Gelenk 20 powder is created from carefully selected, natural components in a very mild manner. It is a supplemental dog food suited for puppies as young as three months old. LUPO Gelenk comes in powder form and is very easy to administer. For example, you might just add it into your dog's food.

The product comprises 20% mussel meat extract in addition to additional ingredients such as collagen hydrolyzate, plant compounds, and minerals. The powder can be used as a regular dietary supplement for your dog. LUPO Joint 20 Powder at a Glance Supplemental food for dogs With Perna Canaliculus: includes 20% of mussel flesh extract. Enhanced with collagen hydrolyzate High-quality ingredients: solely from natural sources. Selected components include botanicals and minerals as a feed supplement. Easy to administer: in powder form, it may simply be blended into meals. Manufactured in Germany

Cox Vital, Active Gastro-Intestinal Complex

LUPO Joint 20 Powder - 1000 g
Lupo Active Gastro-Intestinal Complex - 2 x 1300 g
LUPO Cox Vital - 675 g
Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Choose from a variety of animal protein sources

Naturally grain and gluten free.